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"Is it not dishonorable for the Fire Lord to weep in public?"

"Honor? Does such a thing even matter right now?"

This was originally just a sketch inspired by this post, but I let the perfectionist in me take over and ended up cleaning it and adding grayscale tones and stuff :P

The story behind this sketch was that Iroh passed away peacefully in the Earth Kingdom while on one of his many visits to Lu Ten’s grave. Although Iroh was of Fire Nation Royalty and normally would receive a grand, elaborate funeral, Zuko decided his uncle would prefer a quiet, humble burial next to his beloved son, Lu Ten. During this, Zuko shares tea with uncle one last time, serving Iroh his favorite, ginseng tea, brewed personally by Zuko, and the weight of this “last encounter” brings even the proud and honorable Fire Lord to tears, understanding his love for his uncle was more powerful than any honor he could have ever attained.

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